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Our Team

"Teaching is outstanding because adults who work with pupils know their individual needs remarkably well. Teachers are highly skilled and adapt activities so that pupils achieve extremely well." ... "Staff demonstrate the highest levels of care and commitment to pupils. They expertly manage each pupil’s needs" ... "Staff morale is high. Staff, including those new to the school, speak highly of school leaders and the high-quality training they receive." - Ofsted 

Our team of academic and support staff have a wealth of expert teaching and mentoring experience. Their individualised approach and genuine passion for the development of young people make Roman Fields one of the best provisions in the county. Visit the contact page if you would like to get in touch with us.

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Senior Leadership Team

Staff Name  FTE Responsibilities
Trevor Orchard  1 FTE Head Teacher
Ashley Purser  1 FTE Deputy Head/DSP
Emma Davis  1 FTE Assistant Head/Deputy DSP/Teaching and Learning Lead
Jane George  0.4 FTE Assistant Head
Mandy Crow  0.9 FTE Heads PA/School Business Manager/Clerk to Management Committee.

Associate Members of the SLT

Staff Name  FTE Responsibilities
Mark Reynolds  1 FTE Data Assessment Lead/Technology Lead Teacher
Paula Creber  1 FTE SENCo/Teacher


Staff Name  FTE Responsibilities
William Allen  0.6 FTE Humanities Teacher
Kate Ashton  0.6 FTE Science Teacher
Helen Boxall  0.6 FTE Creative Arts Lead Teacher
Steve Brinkman  1 FTE English Teacher/Stakeholder feedback
Dinah Buck  0.8 FTE Science Lead Teacher
Dominic Bunce  1 FTE Maths Lead Teacher
Jane Burdin  0.4 FTE Maths/English Teacher
Jane Fox  1 FTE PHSEE Teacher
Neil Goodchild  1 FTE English Lead Teacher
Caroline Harding  0.4 FTE Maths Teacher
Mary McCrystal  0.6 FTE Autism Lead/Humanities Teacher


Staff Name  FTE Responsibilities
William Bell  0.4 FTE Teaching Assistant
Lynne Bowles-Brown  0.4 FTE Creative Arts Tutor
Ian Cunningham  0.7 FTE Technology Tutor/Extension Activities Lead
Layla Bursnell  0.8 FTE HLTA
Ruth Davies  0.5 FTE Technology Tutor
Paul Instrall  0.6 FTE Technology Tutor
Monika Kalogianni  0.4 FTE Creative Arts Tutor
Mark Milsome  0.7 FTE Sports Tutor
Ty O’Callaghan  0.7 FTE Creative Arts Tutor
Cara Prendiville  0.3 FTE Technology Tutor
Tania Rosato 0.2 FTE Music and Drama Tutor
Cassandra O’Neill 0.7 FTE Technology Tutor

Pastoral Support

Staff Name  FTE Responsibilities
Pauline Whitbread  0.8 FTE Pastoral Manager
Rebecca Walton  0.2 FTE Pastoral Support
Debra Waterfield  0.5 FTE Careers Lead
Jan Lee-Kelly  0.8 FTE Careers & Transition Support

Support Staff (Administration)

Staff Name  FTE Responsibilities
Jo Buxton  0.3 FTE Bursar
Claudine Hall  0.7 FTE Exams Officer/SENCO Admin
Tony Gott  0.8 FTE Transport Liaison/Administration Assistant
Heidi Lee  0.4 FTE Resources Administration Assistant
Clare Beaumont  0.5 FTE Receptionist

Support Staff (Premises)

Staff Name  FTE Responsibilities
Stephen Patmore 1 FTE Site Manager
Nora Woodley  0.6 FTE Cleaner