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"Staff are skilled and successful in helping to keep pupils safe. Pupils are taught well about unsafe situations and how to stay safe. They also receive appropriate guidance about e-safety and the dangers of extremism and radicalisation." - OFSTED 2019

In todays world, the Internet provides a vast range of opportunities for both work and play.  At Roman Fields we are dedicated to ensuring that our Young People can make safe and confident use of the new technologies, and we do our part by filtering and monitoring their Internet access and by giving e-safety a high profile.  We know that digital responsibility is most effectively learned and accepted when reinforced at home, and that keeping open lines of communication with your Young People regarding the threats that may be encountered online is very important.  Please use the following resources to inform your knowledge and understanding.

A Parents Guide to e-safety

A Parents' Guide to FaceBook

A Parents' Guide to Fortnite

A Parents' Guide to Instagram

A Parents' Guide to Minecraft

A Parents' Guide to Pokémon Go

A Parents' Guide to Snapchat

A Parents' Guide to Tic Toc

A Parents' Guide to Twitter

A Parents' Guide to YouTube

A Parents’ Guide to the latest social media and instant messaging trends

Childnet International

HCC eSafety


NSPCC Netaware

Set parental controls for Xbox 360 and Xbox live

ScreenLimit app


Advice for adoptive parents

Learning disabilities, autism and e-safety: a parents' guide

Social networking and contact: a brief guide for adoptive parents